Welcome to Mr. Campbell's Page

A principal's day is very rewarding. Watching and helping students grow in many areas of their lives; academically, emotionally and socially is what I love. Being in the hallways and classrooms is the best part of my day. The students are eager to show me what they are learning and just share a story with me about their life. We have a very special school. The staff here is concerned with all aspects of the child's growth. Whether it is demonstrating good manners, struggling with a math problem or working through a problem with a friend, we want to help. I strive for students to know I am approachable and will help. One way I build that rapport is having fun with them. Yes, I know many of you have seen me in a crazy costume from time to time, or participating in classroom activities. These are all pieces of building relationships with students.

Please remember that building strong relationships with parents is important to me as well. Call me, email, or stop in if you ever have questions or need to talk. My door is always open and you are always welcome. Life is not easy and school needs to be a bright sport in your child's day. Let me help. 

Have a great day and be cheerful, 

Mr. Campbell

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